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Introduction to Unschooling

Are you ready to disrupt?  Does your heart yearn for alignment in learning and parenting? Are you about ready to start your journey into a life without school?  Do you need support to get started? 
Maybe you have some fears around what unschooling actually looks like and concerns over whether your child will learn to read, go to university one day – wear pants! 
It can feel like there is ALOT to think about and, let’s face it, until you dive in, it’s REALLY hard to imagine what a life without institutionalised education actually looks like. 
That’s where I come in!  


Part planning session, part transformation, we’ll spend 1 and a half hours, addressing your vision for your relationship with your child; how to move into an unschooling life and I’ll give you the exact tools I use to identify your triggers and work through the fears that are holding you back. 


$150 USD / approx £110 GBP

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