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~Beautiful words of gratitude

from our clients

Sara S.

"I feel like having a friend by my side that is supporting me through my path, is such a relief to know that if I get lost, you girls are ready to help me to find my way and you do it so gently and respectfully! I feel so grateful. Laine and Sarah are the kind of people that you feel you've known feel comfortable to talk with them and their positive vibe and attitude helps you to feel understood and respected.''

Jill C.

"Small-group coaching with Sarah and Lainie has transformed my relationship with my son and with myself in just a few months. These generous, authentic, non-judgemental (and fun!) women have built an incredibly supportive space where, alongside fellow Worldschoolers, I have explored everything from parenting to the dark shadows of my childhood. Their approach prompts me to see things in a new way (but never pushy), so often lifting the invisible pressure these topics were exerting on me, and then take actions toward a better life and better relationships. The conversations with other members, as well as the tools and links shared in the group, are always so timely and enriching. I am deeply grateful that I found this community where I can continue growing as a person. I wish every person could have such an amazing resource in their lives! "

Angela S.

"I am deep in the process of deschooling myself. None of which would be possible without Lainie and Sarah and their coaching sessions. From a freakishly powerful workshop on identifying fear that broke down all of my walls. To creating your family culture. Each week has been full of invaluable wisdom and experience that helps me find my own way, as well as provides me with encouragement as I confront old ways of being that have been holding me back. I am so incredibly grateful that every week, these two amazing women take the time to share their immense knowledge of unschooling and parenting. It gives me the confidence to do things I would have never considered like eliminating screen time and sugar limits. Saying good-bye to bedtimes. Giving my son the freedom to make decisions. Creating a space based on aligning values that meets everyone’s needs so that we can all enjoy life. Aside from insightful leadership and thoughtful topics, the community itself is open and welcoming. As someone who finds it hard to socialize and can be shy, I am so happy to have found people that I am comfortable sharing very personal areas of my life with. Women who all carry with them a wealth of understanding and compassion. Many thanks to Lainie and Sarah and the beautiful space they have created for like-minded parents to connect.''

Lauren A.

"Sarah and Lainie are revolutionaries. They showed me that it’s possible to do the things that no one else is doing around us, to become the people we really are and to allow our children to be who they are too. That even though it can be messy, it is also beautiful to live in our own way. We can have the strength and courage to do what we truly believe in rather than what we are told to do. They showed me that you don’t have to do it the way that it’s always been done. That We are here to change the world, not to conform to it. Every part of us, even the dark, scary parts are important and valuable. They brought me out of my despair, when I thought that everyone was against me, they showed me that they too had been where I was and they overcame and turned into stronger, more authentic versions of themselves. They are inspiration and creativity and boldness and beauty. I have been so blessed to get to know them. Their weekly calls have given me hope, connection, support and a new way to think about almost everything. I am so happy I found these women and that they continue to offer the world their wisdom, their vulnerability and their joy. If you are looking for some truly free-thinking women, to guide you and to help you see your worth, you’ve found them here."

Maggie S.

"This coaching group has been nothing short of life-changing. Meeting with thoughtful, supportive, kind, funny, down-to-earth, compassionate, worldly, bad-ass women has been such a joy. It can feel lonely and downright scary to embark on this journey towards worldschooling. Our family has been stepping in and out of the alternative schooling lifestyle for years, following our bliss to take off for extended periods of travel to learn through experience and discovery. But when our twins entered 3rd grade, I found myself feeling stuck: watching how school was crushing the kids’ curiosity (and our spirit as a family), but too scared to really let go. How could I justify pulling my kids from a high-rated public school? What would we do? How could we make it work? What would others say? (Yikes! This was/is a biggie for me!!) Connecting weekly in a supportive space with other women who GET IT — have walked the path, done the research, and made the leap — it’s made all the difference. This group makes me think, challenges me to examine my behaviors, and provides an absolutely lovely community of awesome women."

Jean Elizabeth G

Each and every Monday I join Zoom chat with Lainie and several other wonderful women. Lainie, seemingly effortlessly, tosses out prompts and creates a space where we can answer these deeply personal and life-changing questions without fear of judgment. She patiently listens to all of us as we through the question or thought of the week and, if we want some direction or guidance or support, she chimes in without trying to solve anyone's problems or concerns. She is amazing at finding the right questions at the right moment. Sometimes, the prompts seem as if she has tapped into our collective unconscious to find exactly what we've thinking about or struggling to understand or voice each week. Her ability to listen, to wait while we figure it out, and to accept what we say without creating expectations or opinions is something I cherish and it's what keeps me returning each week.

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