A Radical Education for a New World

Surviving The School Year : A Radical Perspective

A Lifelong Learning Adventure: A radical perspective

A 12 week intensive, we introduce participants to the philosophies behind self directed and autonomous education and explore how unschooling encourages a deeper connection with your children than you ever thought possible.


  • We’ll help you design your Family Culture and move from a rules based existence to values led life.
  • You’ll be guided through a deschooling process that supports you to intentionally transition to a life without school.
  • You’ll work though fears that are holding you back in your relationship with your kids.
  • Together we will identify trigger points and give you tools to question perceived truths.
  • We’ll discuss how generational trauma can sit in families and where you can find space to break the cycle and move into a place of healing and peace.
  • We’ll coach you to find the calm amidst the chaos and help you put the inner PEACE into peaceful parenting.

Next Course Starts SPRING 2021

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What Are the Payment Options?

Course Tuition : *$3000 USD ( 1 payment)  

Monthly payment option is available. 
(3 payments of $1200) 

Payments are accepted either  through paypal or transferwise.

Details provided after acceptance. 
* $600 discount for selecting the 1 payment option

The Partnership Parent: an introduction

A guided journey from an early attachment beginning, to a deeply connected relationship with your young child. Be supported as you begin to explore your child as an autonomous being. Is your child pushing limits? We help you question where those limits might sit. Is your child seeking more control over everyday choices like clothing, food, activities and how they play? We help you work through choosing connection over control and relationship over rules. A great program for those exploring how an attachment based, gentle parenting philosophy, might translate to older children seeking autonomy.

Month 1- Design Your Family Culture, Design Your Life

Rowing upstream doesn't mean you go without a paddle. Claiming radical responsibility comes with the charge to step into YOUR truth. Let's explore your unique blueprint. Uncover your "why".

Week 1 – Designing a world class education for a future we can’t even imagine.

Week 2 – The shift from rules to values: designing your family culture.

Week 3 – What do your values mean to you are are they aligned with your purpose?

Week 4 – Fear & where it leads us. Following our triggers, challenging perceived truths and finding peace.

Month 2- Unlearn, unpack, question everything & get radical

Living outside of any system or structure provides pause for deconstucting. Get ready for transformation.

Week 5 – Deschool your mind: an intentional transition to freedom

Week 6 – Level up and UNLEARN most of what you thought you knew about how to live

Week 7 – Examining our beliefs, belief systems & biases 

Week 8 – Shifting reaction into intentional responses  

Month 3- Shift old believe patterns & find freedom to live & connect, YOUR way

This is where things start to come together. Relinquishing control results in greater connection and on the other side of chaos, lies joy. The work doesn't stop though.

Week 9 – Radical acceptance and remembering how to treat our children, and ourselves with grace . 

Week 10 – Breaking open judgment and stepping into the opportunity that can be found in the middle.

Week 11 – Exploration into the pain body, parenting yourself and finding freedom at the other side of childhood trauma.

Week 12 – Unshakeable Belief. How to sit so strongly in your purpose that you can find calm and purpose even when things feel shaky.


How Do I Get Started?

Ask yourself if you are ready to undertake the inner work required to support your children in a life outside of school, through the lense of Partnership Parenting. Far from being the easy way out, choosing connection over coercion and conflict is anything but.  As parents we are gifted with an opportunity to step into something radical. But revolution never comes easy. You have to be prepared to question things you once felt certain about.  You will be asked to explore your own heart for your truth and your maybe your life’s purpose.  Are you ready?

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It's time to revolutionalise parenting

Let go of control, surrender to the chaos, step into joy