Partnership Parenting: Ready to transform your family?

Give us 5 weeks to

Transform Your Family Dynamic

..We'll coach you through the steps so that you can: create a culture of respect & kindness, autonomy from the system, cultivate consent-based accountability, strengthen your family connections, recognize and heal limiting patterns, work with powerful tools and map out your new family dynamic!

We know you are ready for more connection with your child(ren), deeper than you ever thought possible. 

We know that you are ready to stop being the law maker, the rule enforcer and the family punisher.

We know that you are ready to create a culture of partnership, respect and consent in your family. 

We know that you are ready to pull your kids out of institutional education and step into empowered learning through home education and willing to look into self-directed learning (unschooling) as a powerful option. 

We know that you want connection over coercion!

It's radical.​

More connection, less control. More relationship, fewer rules. Healing our families for a new world.

Launching March 24, 2023!

and runs 5 consecutive Monday's (7pm GMT +1)

Welcome to five weeks that will transform your families through intentional group coaching, precision tested steps to help you transform your family from a rules based life into values living…

(Downloadable course work included + lifetime access to the recorded sessions)

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  • Feel more hopeful and empowered about your children’s future
  • Become confident living in partnership
  • Learn the tools to transform your family dynamics
  • Identify feelings of isolation and cut self doubt habits
  • Better understand your family’s needs 
  • Learn to communicate directly 
  • Lay the foundation to build strong relationships
  • Navigate criticism from family members holding you back from living in partnership

Family Transformation Course $599 USD

Space limited, group coaching, tools, lifetime access to replays and free digital copy of the book, Seen, Heard  & Understood included. 

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Ditch rules. Choose values led living through partnership instead.

Build a family culture that serves connection and relationship above all things.