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The Partership Parent Coaching Services

Have a specific issue you need support working through? Consider compassionate 1:1 coaching.

Focused commitment to a single change, transformational results, partnering with you, helping you make shifts that will make a real difference in your life.  We want to stand with you as you uncover what is already inside of you – it’s ALL you. But it doesn’t hurt to have a way-shower in your corner.


focused commitment to a single change, transformational results, partnering with you, helping you shift, we want to help you transform, we want you to be empowered to guide your transformation, we want you to rely on the fabulousness and power that is you. We are here to assist, but not to have you reliant on us for your changes

The work that we are committed to doing with you is hard.  Seeking and standing in truth often is.  You just can’t do it in one session and we want to give you a great foundation to use our tools moving forward. 
Working together over a month gives us the framework through which to build a relationship of trust as well as time to reflect on your new practices.

The first obvious difference is that you’re not sharing the space with others – it’s all for you. This just works better for some people.  Others prefer the energy of a group setting so it’s somewhat related to personal preference.  You’ll be able to work on pain points that are specific to you and be really focussed on your growth over the month.
You’ll have the added benefit of having access to your coach via text/messenger, for the entire month. 

Lainie works with our one on one clients…click to learn more about her here

Monthly Cost – $600 USD for 1 weekly 60 minute call + unlimited text support throughout that month. 

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From Attachment to Connection

Are you an attachment parent wanting for grow with your older child in connection but feeling challenged by your child pushing limits and testing their autonomy?

Incorporating Unschooling Principles into Everyday Life

Are you an unschooling or home educating parent struggling with gaming, bedtimes, food and other conflicts?

Life Without School

Are you serious about a life of alternative education but not sure if you can do it?

Every parent needs support

Want someone in your corner who will challenge you to face your triggers and unpack a lifetime of conditioning in order to better support your child's alternative schooling journey? Are you committed to healing the world through attached and connected parenting? Are you ready to free your family from limiting beliefs about learning and education?

Commit To Your Transformation


4 hours of coaching plus monthly text/email support

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