What should parenting look like anyway?


We believe that human’s are born for connection and that many modern parenting strategies that include manipulation, coercion and control, undermine that natural instinct for attachment.

Would you like to live with less conflict and experience more freedom and joy in your relationship with your child?

Lainie and Sarah, after using ‘Attachment Parenting’ principles with their babies and young children, found that many tools presented to parents of older children fall into punitive practices and forget those early and more instinctive connection based ideals.

It’s certainly harder to remain committed to instinctive parenting once your child starts talking back, expressing their views and acting in their autonomy.

The answer to push back and conflict, could just be partnering with your child; working alongside them to build a life that works in everyone’s interests; building on that connection established in infancy; handing them their autonomy and then working with them as they learn, in their own time, how to honour it and the needs of others.

Are you ready to step into partnership with your child?

Want to leap off the edge but still waiting for that breakthrough? That fear that's stopping you - it's pointing to something. We got you. We are in your corner.

Helping You Create a

Life You Love!​

Are you passionate about building your dream life? We're not talking about an insta worthy house on the beach or a jet setting lifestyle that see's you hopping between Lisbon and Paris (although, why not?); we're talking about a life that's MORE.

  • More aligned with your purpose
  • More connected with your children
  • More space to share your heart with others
  • More peaceful
  • More joyful


If you’re here because you’re already on this path, you are probably thinking about how you can provide opportunities for your kids to be truly creative and truly themselves. Maybe you’re wondering how on earth you can make a life without school really work for your family. Or maybe you feel like there has just got to be a way to be a friend to your child but you just can’t seem to quiet the voice of society telling you to be anything but.

All parents need community around them.  Stepping into the unknown, especially when it comes to the wellbeing of our children, can feel like a leap of faith.  We know what that feels like.

Making big shifts can feel scary and certainly entering into a partnership with our children when our society tells us things like: children need structure; children need routine; children need RULES, can feel alot like swimming upstream. 

We’re here to give you specific tools to help you find the calm amidst the chaos; to work out what on earth those pesky triggers are trying to tell you and how to be liberated from judgement and suffering.

We’ll also give you permission (if you need it) to enjoy pancakes for breakfast everyday, not just Saturdays. 

Meet the People 'behind the Partnership Parenting Movement

Lainie Liberti

Lainie is an author, speaker, community leader, teen coach and alternative education advocate who helped to spearhead the thriving worldschooling movement.

Sarah Beale

Mothering 4 wildlings, born fully into themselves, has been the greatest challenge and biggest blessing of Sarah’s life.

More connection, less control. More relationship, fewer rules. Healing our families for a new world.

It's radical.​

Ditch the rules. Choose values led living.

Build a family culture that serves connection and relationship above all things.