Lanie Liberti

Lainie is a best selling author, speaker, community leader, teen coach and alternative education advocate who helped to spearhead the thriving worldschooling movement.

As a result of the 2008 California economy crash, Liberti closed her Los Angeles based branding agency. Liberti and her then 9-year-old Miro decided to “be the change” instead of victims and chose a life of adventure. After selling all of their possessions, Lainie and her son hit the road for what was to be a 1 year adventure in 2009. Twelve years and almost 50 countries, the pair still live location independently, volunteer & learn from cultures as visiting locals. Lainie chose to educate her son Miro through travel, facilitating rich experiential learning, cultural immersion, volunteering and leadership as his school. The pair are often credited with birthing what’s known as the modern worldschooling movement. Over the years, Lainie has worked tirelessly as an advocate to bring “worldschooling” into public awareness and part of the alternative education conversation.

Liberti has spoken about worldschooling on the TEDx Edu stage in Amsterdam, written about learning through travel for multiple magazines, and featured in multiple academic journals, and publications including International Journal of Education, Journal of Unschooling and Alternative Learning, People Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, The New York Times and The New York Post and has contributed to several books on the topic of worldschooling.

Lainie co-foundered Project World School with her son in 2012. Liberti designs and co-facilitates the Project World School teen retreats as month-long immersive learning learning communities to support self directed teens from around the world. Over the last 8 years, Lainie has facilitated 20+ international retreats for almost 100 teens, learning through cultural immersion, examining personal values and exploring world views.

In addition, Lainie founded Project World School Family Summits , produced 7 in person international conferences for hundreds of families across Europe, Asia and Mexico since 2016. Lainie also launched the serving her Facebook community of more than 10000 members.

Liberti is an adolescent behavioral specialist, certified coach, specializing in transformational & confidence coaching. In 2020, Liberti founded Transformative Mentoring for Teens offering virtual 1:1 support for teens and designing several self-development courses providing teens with tools to transform their lives. She also co-founded the Partnership Parent Movement, as a way to empower families to shed  old ideas of parenting through authoritarian  paradigms and adapt consent based family dynamics through attachment principles and peace. 


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