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At the Partnership Parent Movement...

...we see kids as living and learning best when they are in close relationship with their care givers.

Seems impossible today? Don’t worry, it just takes tools, support, patience & a little practice.  


We're committed to living a life of partership with our kids. Questioning the conventional model of 'parents in charge and kids listen' which is at the root of punitive parenting practices. We challenge the belief that children need to be told what to do or forced, often by coercive methods, to succeed (pssst we also challenge the very definition of success).


Learning happens all the time and education shouldn't just be confined to the classroom. Giving our kids a world class education is possible by showing our kids the world, or even your little piece of it. Living without school opens up space for our kids to explore their surroundings on their own terms, follow their passions and know their own hearts.


Living a life of alignment and purpose doesn't always come easy. We often have to get out of our own way. Parenting in partnership, living in connection with our children and taking that further to step into a life without school, can be the perfect accompaniment for those also questioning the traditional paradigm of working for a wage.


Living in your values as a family and stepping into a family culture that supports everyone in a life of meaning and joy, is a vital piece of the puzzle and forms the cornerstone of our programs and coaching. If your hearts yearns for a life without rules, you'll want to invest in building the tenets of connection and relationship in your family.

Our mission is to be in the corner of parents who share this dream.

There’s no question our world is in trouble. We’ve lost connection to culture; we’ve forgotten our deep relationship with the earth; we continue to live a life of separation from others, including the natural world and our current systems are failing to help us a prepare for a future that we can’t even imagine.

New Course!

A Radical Education for a New World

Surviving the school year : a radical perspective

A POWERFUL 12 week intensive launching in January 2021. 

Guiding participants through the philosophies behind self directed and autonomous education and implementing strategies for deeper connections within your family to assure you children (and you) are poised to thrive in 2021!


Commit to a new way of being together


Collectively we’ve gotten pretty good at recycling and in the last few years there has been a massive push to concentrate on living and shopping local. Most people have at least some awareness of how to live more peacefully with the planet and corporations are constantly upgrading their commitment to sustainable production and business.

But what about our children? Most people continue to send them, at an increasingly early age to institutionalised schools, where they are measured against other kids; limited to an arbitrary selection of curriculum based subjects; restricted to explicit periods of play and graded based on performance.

We think there is another way.

Hours of free play each day, and not just for small children.

Freedom for children to choose what they learn based on their passions and interests.

Liberation from arbitrary and sometimes nonsensical rules.

Placing values at the forefront of family life rather than societal norms that often don’t honour children as individuals.


Radical problems require radical solutions and nothing is more revolutionary than redressing the childism that is rife in our modern world.  Living in partnership with our children could just be the way to true healing for our planet.

some of the ways we support you

Courses & Masterclasses

Join us for soul searching, deep diving 12 week comprehensives that will see you well on your way to unlearning everything you thought you knew about schooling, education and parenting. Alternatively, if you're curious but not quite ready for an intensive exploration, our mini-courses and masterclasses give you specific insight into topics close to our hearts in bite sized pieces.

Support Groups

It's important to feel supported, particularly when undertaking the important and transformational work of Partnership Parenting. You're sure to find pieces of your heart that have long been buried. We'd love to hold space for you in one of our fortnightly circles where we sit in loving kindness for eachother and hold you in a refuge of trust and non-judgement.

1:1 Coaching

If one on one is more your style, we offer hour long, individual coaching calls which allows us to work with you on your specific challenges and really get to the heart of things. It could be a great compliment to our longer programs.

Are you ready to step into partnership with your child?

Want to leap off the edge but still waiting for that breakthrough? That fear that's stopping you - it's pointing to something. We got you. We are in your corner.

"Parenting without an agenda liberates us from the desire to control and allows us to step into a life of joy where our children are the co-pilots and not just the passengers."

Sarah Beale

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